Training, Mentorship, and Productivity Coaching

Get Everything You Need to Succeed in Canadian Real Estate

All KWREA associates receive comprehensive onboarding and access to productivity coaching or mentoring from our senior associates from Day 1. Our goal is to set you up with a strong foundation for success from the very beginning of your journey with us—whether you’re new to the real estate industry or an experienced professional. New agents will never be left to figure things out by themselves! 

Productivity Coaches 

Meet your KWREA productivity coaches. These seasoned agents are well-versed in providing coaching and mentoring on real estate fundamentals, including how to navigate Keller Williams models and systems, new agent basics, and real estate foundational training. 

Claire Barrett
PC Accountability Coach

Need an Extra Helping Hand? 

The first few weeks at a new company come with a learning curve, so we get that you might need some extra help with your KWREA onboarding experience. 

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mel Cochrane, our designated onboarding expert! Mel is your go-to person if you need help pairing up with a productivity coach, navigating the murkiness of “what comes next”, and making sure you’re set up for success at every step of your onboarding process.