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Ignite 1: Spark Your Career w Sunny Daljit | Sept 6 – 2023

  1. Spark Your Career
  2. Embrace Your Job
  3. Connect With Your Market
  4. Define Your Value
  5. Lead Generation
  6. Grow Your Database
  7. Capture Leads with Open Houses
  8. Capture Leads with Social Media
  9. Capture More Leads
  10. Keep Every Lead
  11. Follow-up with Leads
  12. Strengthen Relationships
  13. Qualify Potential Buyers
  14. Win the Buyer
  15. Win the Seller
  16. Work with Buyers and Sellers
  17. Make and Receive Offers
  18. Negotiating
  19. Get to the Close
  20. Plan Your Future

KWREA is dedicated to helping Canadian realtors in their professional development. Our training events are available on an ongoing basis and are open to agents of all levels and brokerages.